Our Services

Services Offered by InterNatural Marketing Inc.

InterNatural offers a broad spectrum of services to meet the needs of its clients in the U.S.A

Farm Promotion, Marketing and Sales

Offering farmers and packing facilities a full range of support. Using our marketing skills for Package Development, Certification Assistance and Crop Planning. Our sales team, have long standing relationships with over 50 buyers around the country and many International buyers. We offer a variety options for producers to meet the needs of each grower regardless of their size or need.

Organic Sourcing

Using our worldwide network of contacts and our database of producers developed over the last 26 years we are able to offer a wide range of quality organic products available year round. With an extensive hands-on knowledge of growers and producers throughout the Americas and Europe, we strive to meet the specification and timescale demands of our customers, whether for one off shipments or for long term projects.

Product Development and Marketing

Our staff is able to assist in the introduction of new products into the marketplace. Using our knowledge of local government rules and regulations, import and certification procedures and potential distribution channels, we can offer a stepping stone into new markets.

Consulting and Lecture Services

Our experience over the years within the Organic industry has led to a significant skills base that can be of great interest to both importers and exporters. Our knowledge of organic raw materials and finished products can help to provide insight and direction to manufacturers whilst our work with growers and producers allows us to aid with technical issues relating to production, processing and packaging methods.

With extensive experience lecturing for Agricultural groups in a variety of countries and at industry functions around the world, we offer a variety of lecture topics.