Chris BellAbout Internatural Marketing

InterNatural Marketing Inc. a family owned business, was originally founded in Lake Worth, Florida in 1989 by its president, Chris Bell. For over twenty five years we have been developing the sales and promotion of certified organic products into the mass market, both in the US and in Europe. Working with organic producers throughout the US, InterNatural has successfully marked their products at home and overseas. In addition, InterNatural provides a one-stop sourcing and consultancy solution to its clients. With the addition of our latest member of the team, Chris's wife Dina we have further expanded our farmer representation, and greatly expanded our product range. Dina BellIn addition Dina has been instrumental in starting our Organic Certification Support program, to assist farmers with the requirements of the N.O.P.

Our Vision

At InterNatural Marketing we have always believed passionately in the organic ideal, both in terms of the health and safety benefits of organic products and just as importantly the benefit to the environment through the use of sustainable, ethical organic production methods. We believe that organic products should be available to everybody and InterNatural was founded with the intent of creating greater opportunities for organics within the mainstream marketplace, both in the US and in Europe

In order to achieve this we have worked with three distinct goals:

  1. To provide Supermarkets and distributors with a continuous and ready supply of quality organic equivalents to regularly consumed produce items.
  2. To supply manufacturers and producers with quality ingredients for the production of organic retail-ready products.
  3. To encourage organics education and development both in the country of production and with mainstream companies interested in developing organic products.

We remain firmly committed to these three core principles, adapting over the years to the challenges set by continuous changes to the market environment.


We have worked with many companies over the years. Among others, these have included:

  • Apio (US)
  • Bio Fair (Costa Rica)
  • Brooke Bond Foods (UK)
  • Earth's Best Baby Food (US)
  • Euro Bio Korn (Germany)
  • Forest Distribution (Canada)
  • Heinz (US & UK)
  • Iceland Foods (UK)
  • Loblaw (Canada)
  • Mangrove Mountain Fruits (Australia)
  • Pronatura (France)
  • Publix Supermarkets (US)
  • Surfrut (Chile)
  • Wakefern (US)
  • Wholefoods (US)